Hello, my name is Mike O’Meara and I’m the founder of Note Seminars and Note Directory. A few years ago, while studying real estate investing, I came across note investing. I became very excited to get involved in the business brokering, buying, and learning as much as I could. As you know, whether you’re a new investor or an experienced note investor, it’s important to keep up with your craft. This spurred the idea of NoteSeminars.com. I wanted a way to organize upcoming events in order to keep up with important live events and the most current teachings of the top note investor instructors (Mainly, because I kept finding out about the events just after each event).

NoteDirectory.com came about because I kept running across different resources but thought I’d never be able to find them again when I needed them. So I got off track again and built Note Directory. So besides just being more helpful to my small business, I hope these sites will bring value and benefit both investors and service providers of the note industry.

If you have a resource to share or suggest, please do so.
Submit Events Directly at NoteSeminars.com https://www.noteseminars.com/events/
Submit Video to http://videos.noteseminars.com/submit-video/
Suggest a resource to NoteDirectory.com to https://notedirectory.com/ Click on Add Link…

For anything else, email me at Mike@NoteHoldings.com . I look forward to hearing from you and working together.